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The Navtex was removed from Ariadne. But so much weather data is now available by internet and mobile phone that  it is questionable whether it is worth installing on Teal.


We carry a small portable 12v TV which we use occasionally. A permanent location for the aerial would be desirable.

Alarm System

There is an alarm system that connects to a mobile phone that we never got round to installing on Ariadne. I really must get round to putting it on Teal!

LED lights

When bulbs in the saloon need replacing, LED lights are used. The bedside lights will eventually need replacing.

The running lights will not be replaced as they are only needed when the engine is running, and LED nav lights  are expensive to replace if they fail. However, an LED white bulb wil be substituted in the anchor light.

Solar Panel

Experience in 2016 suggests we need to run the generator for an hour, morning and evening, to sustain the batteries and both fridges. The roof space above the wheelhouse offers a good location for a modern, shaped Solar Panel. That could save considerable geneator hours, and sustain the batteries when the boat is unoccupied.

On this page, the omissions from the current specification that are desirable are noted

Deckwash Pump

This is the most missed piece of equipment since selling Ariadne. It makes cleaning anchors and removing muck from the deck easy. We are planning to rectify this during the 2016/7 winter by installing a 50psi pump drawing water from the inlet to the fwd toilet.

Radar Reflector

Surprisingly, Teal has no radar reflector. The best solution will be something like a SeaMe radar enhancer, but it will have to wait.