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The old website

The story of our earlier boats, the cruises we undertook, and links to my photo and video records led to a complex website. Rather than rebuild it when we sold Ariadne and bought Teal, I decided to preserve it intact as a resource, and link to it from this new website about Teal. Most links have already been included on other pages of this website, apart from the shared experience aspects described below.

Shared Experience

I know where many of the potholes are - because I have been in most of them! The Help Zone sets out the way I have developed techniques for producing Logs of various kinds of cruise. AIS is fascinating too, and probably has been the biggest single contributor to yacht safety in the last 25 years. For a yachtsman, weather information is paramount, so it justified a section on its own.

Before I retired, I was environment manager for Associated British Ports. My somewhat eccentric views of the environment industry are set out on an environment page in the Shared Experience section, as are my views on Climate Change.

In recent times the Marine Management Organisation has tried, with some success, to describe the marine environment. The MMO interactive map provides a useful place to find out the facts before engaging in discussion.  You need to find the layers tab and add the data that is of interest to you. It certainly shows the complexity of the coastal zone.

Over the years I have developed a fascination with lighthouses, and I am a member of World Lighthouse Society and the (British) Association of lighthouse keepers. There is a special links page if you wish to know more.

See the whole site (www.ariadnetrue.co.uk), or jump to the shared experience by selecting from the list on the right.

AriadneTrue website

Shared Experience