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Serif Affinity

What Affinity Does

The two videos below give Serif’s own overview of their flagship products. The capabilities are beyond my needs or skills!

Serif Affinity overview

As at March 2017, the Serif Affinity range includes 2 products (both available for both Mac and Windows):

Affinity Designer aimed at graphics design mainly using vector objects

Affinity Photo which is a powerful photo editing suite.

Taken together, these products match most of the capabilities of Adobe’s Cloud offer.

The big difference is Price. Photoshop is now only available on a monthly subscription, starting at about £10 per month. Each of the Serif packages are available at £50 each (inc VAT) as a one off charge with no rental.

Serif have already announced plans to launch mobile versions initially for Ipad, and subsequently for Android.

A publisher suite is in development, as is a Data Asset Manager (DAM).

Affinity Support

There are more than 200 excellent tutorial videos already. I find the easiest place to access them can be reached by clicking here. On that page you will find access to the tutorials, advice  on which of the Photoshop plugins also work in Affinity, and access to the Forums. And access to many free resources too.

Why Affinity?

Quite apart from the price advantage, there are some technical benefits, and it is also a British product, with the Development team based just outside Nottingham.

One video  (just over 6 minutes) sets out some of the benefits, and can be viewed by clicking here

The product has had many excellent reviews, and Affinity Designer was awarded Apple Mac App of the Year in 2015 (It only came to Windows at the end of 2016). One typical review can be seen by clicking here. And another from the excellent Digital SLR Magazine (May 2017) can be seen here (click on the image to zoom in).

I have been a Serif customer since 2001 when I needed a low cost photo editor to deal with the low level photography I was attempting at that time (PhotoPlus). My ambitions have grown ,in parallel with the Serif range, with the production of Logs (one of which won the RYA Log of the Year award in 2003) and videos, all of  which are dealt with elsewhere on this website. In addition to the Affinity products, I also use Serif Page Plus, MoviePlus  and Web Plus (which was used to create this website)

[To go to the Serif Affinity website, click the link at the end of the video or go direct to  https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/  ]