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The Teal Directory

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Up Serif Affinity


The stock of images held on Flickr is now over 12,000. They are organised into Albums, as explained by clicking the Flickr icon on the left. At the end of 2016, the number of hits on the flickr account exceeded one million.

The Albums are also used to illustrate our cruises and expeditions.

For photo processing, publishing and web design, I have been a loyal supporter of Serif software since 2001, and have upgraded almost all of their photo and graphics software suites as they have developed. But at the end of 2016, Serif launched Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Windows (it had been out on Mac for a year). The effect was transformative, giving access to image processing power almost equivalent to Photoshop at Serif prices. For more information click on the Affinity icon on the right.

You Tube

Some of our adventures have been turned into videos. They are currently  kept on my AriadneTrue website which can be accessed by clicking the You Tube icon on the left

Where available, the videos are used to illustrate our expeditions


I have abandoned running my own blog, and content myself with occasional entries on Facebook. Click the bottom icon on the left to go to my Facebook page


Since giving up the maintenance of the Solent Protection Society website and media, I have abandoned using twitter as it is too time consuming to do it properly.

Social media

Serif Affinity

Serif Affinity