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The Teal Directory

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Dairne and I have been cruising since the early 1970’s. Our first cruising boat Fay-A was a 30ft double ended Scarborough Sloop, initially based in Northumberland. Maybe, one day, I will digitise the accounts of those cruises.

Our next boat, Ariadne, a Rustler 36, was built for us in Falmouth in 1995, and we cruised her extensively till 2011, The digital record started in 2002,but I have been able able to record cruises since 1998.

In 2008, we helped our son Iain to acquire a 39ft cutter called True based in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to expeditions touring in New Zealand, we were able to enjoy a few cruises in True.

As we realised age was overtaking us, we made two expedition tours, one up the coasts of Norway and Svalbard, the other to Cape Horn and the Patagonian Channels of Chile. Select Epic Trips from menu on right to see more.

After Dairne’s stroke in 2012, we fought to keep going, but eventually sold Ariadne at the end of 2015 and acquired Teal, a 36ft Hardy Commodore motor boat. The adventures we have with that boat will be logged on this site. Access to our Logs (pdf), photo albums (fickr), and videos (You Tube) of our earlier cruises can be accessed from the menu on the right.

Except for Fay-A, details of the boats can be accessed by clicking on their pictures.


Fay-A (no details)



The Teal  Story


Cape Horn and Chile

Norway and Svalbard