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The Teal Directory

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Marine information and news


My current preferences for getting weather information can be accessed from the menu to the right: Much more information relating to cruising weather can be found on the AriadneTrue website by clicking on the picture to the left.

AIS (Automatic Identification of Ships)

To find out about AIS, and for a discussion of alternative sites to view AIS, click the icon on the left. To go direct to the AIS Marine Traffic site, select AIS from the menu on the right.

Social Media

There are more than 12,00 images on my flickr account, many marine related, and a couple of dozen videos on You Tube. Facebook is used as a low level blog. Use the menu on the right to access more

Following Ariadne

Our Rustler 36 Ariadne is now in new hands. Susie Goodall has the boat entered in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. It will be fascinating to follow progress. For details click the menu on the right

Social Media Following Ariadne