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The Teal Story

Instantly I thought it would work for us. Dairne took a little persuading! Also we would have to make several adaptations to allow Dairne to move around, and even to get on board.

We did look at other motor boats, but most required you to board via the swimming platform, and the owner’s cabin was usually in the bow where you have to swing round to get on and off the bunk; both impossible for most stroke survivors.

Teal, the boat we eventually bought, had been  marina based, connecting to shore power each evening. As we often spend several days at anchor that had to be addressed.

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But Dairne had had a stroke in 2012. We tried to keep sailing, but limited mobility and other complications made coping with angle of heel difficult, especially when beating.

Shortly after joining the Royal Southern YC, we were on committee boat duty when I saw a Hardy Commodore 36 in the RSrnYC Yacht Haven.

For 20 years we had sailed our Rustler 36, Ariadne,  built for us in 1995.