SeaBay- Graham Rabbitts’ online boat boot sale

Sadly, our boating days are over. Teal has been sold. However we have a mass of nautical bric a brac at home in the garage and elsewhere. It is the debris of nearly 60 years of boating. The aim has been to offer items at about half replacement price if they are in reasonable condition. There are also some lucky dip items.

Please note: SeaBay is open for business after a 15month delay due to COVID

The basis is that once you have purchased an item, you will have to collect it from my house which is located in SO16 in Southampton (Bassett, if you know the area). Please indicate on your order your email address and when you would like to collect. I will confirm that that is ok, provide detailed address and contact details. If it is not convenient, then I will offer a selection of dates that I know to be convenient for me.

Payment must be by debit or credit card. Please be sure to add the date/time to the notes when you wish to collect the goods to the form where you complete card and address details.

If, when calling to collect an item, you choose to reject it, a full refund will be given

The items have been grouped into categories set out in the list They may make it easier for you to browse. Note particularly the ‘Star Buy’ category. This contains some of the more interesting items, and the ones where the greatest savings may be found.

BONUS OFFER: There were some items that may be of interest which, for various reasons have no real value these days. They have been added to the Ditty Box category. If you buy any item from any other category, you are invited to select one FREE item from the Ditty Box category (while stocks last)

Maybe this is the place to get something special as a Christmas present for your boat!

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