Electric Outboard – Minn Kota


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Go green; go quiet; forget those endless tugs on the starter cord.

To see it running. click on the video below

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This is what the Americans call a “trolling motor”, mainly used for lake fishing. The big advantge  is that unlike some other models, it is powered by a standard leisure battery. I used a 75ah battery. This means the motor is easy to carry (much easier than a standard outboard), and the battery is carried separately and can be stowed in a battery box when not in use. Also, should the Lithium battery on some other makes fail, it will cost hundreds of pounds to replace, whereas the leisure battery is about £75.

It will propel a small dinghy at speeds almost double rowing. Theoretically the 75ah battery will give 6 hours running. I have never tried that but I have had 4 hours use without noticeable drop in performance.

This is a very reliable motor; no more frantic tugging of starter cords. Maybe the occasional rub of emery cloth on the battery terminals.

This Minn Kota was designed for use in salt water

This outboard will be supplied complete with battery which has been used for 2 years.

I also have a spare 240v charger. It is very compact, and cost £50. If 6you want it you can have it for £30


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