This was our shakedown cruise, so it was slow work loading on Wednesday 18th April. The forecast through to the weekend was amazingly good. By the evening everything was where we wanted it. We ate on board, but not what we had expected. The box brought from the freezer was Chicken and Peaches, not the expected spag bog! We served it with rice, and it was very good.

With midday tides, we were able to leave late on Thursday and still arrive in Newtown by 1430 and secure a buoy. We were later joined by Derek Ide.

It was pleasantly hot in the saloon, but the afternoon sea breeze had an edge.

Derek left mid morning to go back to Hamble. I got the Walker Bay sailing dinghy out for a couple of hours. The wind was quite light, and it was pleasant sailing. Another warm day, with the family of 4 seals languishing on the bank of Clamerkin Lake in Newtown harbour.

Saturday mmorning was cloudy and hazy, so we got back to Marchwood early and the boat was back on the mooring by 1600, having unloaded and taken Dairne home first. That evening we sat comfortable at home while thunderstorms raged.