At the beginning of November, we decided to lift out at Marchwood after a successful season. Some work to do, but hopefiuly nothing too demanding

We had had a good season, but like everyone else we had experienced very bad fouling. There is some work to do to get the antifouling to stick on the running gear. I shall probably use trilux again, except on the propeller. The prop was the only place where the Propseed had worked reasonably well, but I think I may well try propeller grease next year.

The main anode wear was not exceptional. However, for the first time we had put anodes on the shafts and they had completely disappeared! That os worrying! We shall use larger torpedo shaped anodes nect year, but if they disappear as well, we look to see if there is an electrolytic cause such as an earth leak.

Outstanding tasks include checking the heat exchangers where Alan spotted some corrosion, and replacing a weeping sterngland. We also need to replace the holding tank manual discharge pump. On the ‘nice to do’ list I would like to change the taps in the shower rooms, and add a solar panel. I may also replace the bedside lights. Converting the main saloon and cabin lighting to LED will be put on hold for now.