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The Teal Directory

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The Needles

A New Beginning, built on experience

Dairne and I had been sailing for more than 50 years. For 20 years we had sailed  a Rustler 36 called  Ariadne, having owned her from new. She was built in 1995. Our cruising area was  between Orkney and the Gironde, Brittany and Ireland, and we covered about 36,000 miles in total.

In 2012, Dairne had a stroke. We continued to try to sail for a few years, but it became impossible for Dairne to cope with angle of heel, and beating. Reluctantly we decided to switch to a motor boat and bought Teal, a 2002 built Hardy 36 Commodore. This website will document our new adventures.

Ariadne was sold to Susie Goodall, and she has the boat entered in the 2018 Golden Globe, non stop round-the-world single-handed race, so we will have an interesting story to track (Media->Following Ariadne)

The old website covered our time with Ariadne, and our other sailing project, the acquisition in New Zealand by our son Iain of a 39ft cutter  called True, based in Auckland. That website will remain substantially untouched, but can be accessed from the Legacy Tab above. This new web section will cover our expeditions in Teal and on land, and will provide links to the progress of Susie’s adventures in Ariadne.

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