Most of what I called the Help Zone’ on my last website has been integrated into the main n body of the website. Only two items have remained. I have also added a new section which builds on my legacy interest in environment, fuel saving, and climate change.

  • Log Preparation:There is no substitute for a written illustrated Log of a cruise. Much depends on planning what material that is collected during the cruise. I have done quite a few Logs and the techniques have evolved over the years; and so has the technology of obtaining information, editing and presenting.
    The formats in which a cruise can be presented include
    · A video (whether DVD or online)
    · Text (narrative) log
    · A presentation suitable for talks to yacht clubs
    Essentially, a Log is a story about where we went, the conditions that applied at the time, and what we did when we arrived at our destination. So the output format does not matter too much, but the quality of the Log will depend entirely on the quality of the information collected to create it. My best Logs and videos were done between 2005 and 2010 for our yacht Ariadne. Visit to see them. I only did 2 cruises in the Hardy. They can be seen on the following website by clicking on 2017 and 2018   
  • By clicking on the link at the head of this bullet point, you will be taken to a series of pages covering
    – Source Material
    – Essential tools
    – Preparation
    – Create video Log
    – Edit Text (PDF) Log
    – Load to Internet
  • Log Preparation demonstrations are included at the appropriate place within each Log Preparation page. But for the convenience of those reading published articles based on this website, such as those included in the Hardy Owners Magazine, clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph will lead to a full list of available demonstration videos.
  • Environment: A section that sets out my views on the current state of the Environment Industry with which I interacted during the last ten years of my  working life.
  • Zero Carbon Ships is an area where I describe some of my (distant) past involvement in looking at renewables and energy saving devices for ships such as wingsails. It leads to some conclusions about the new zero carbon targets set by United Nations. As a result, there was some useful comment, and I developed a supplementary paper called UK Zero Carbon Ship. Sadly, the conclusion is that despite a lot of work going on, we are unlikely to get near zero carbon ships by 2050, unless there are major reforms of the International Maritime Organisation.